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Michael Poghosian

Michael Poghosian - Welcome
Michael Poghosian - Armenian talented artist and at the same time singer released his new CD entitled “I’m 1”. The CD includes 10 wonderful and amazing songs about Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. All the songs tell about the artist’s love towards the city of Yerevan. Michael Poghosian is a great artist who has played in many performances; the most well-known and striking performances are “Yerevan Blues”, “Khatabalada” and “Symphony of Silence”.

Language: Armenian
Genre: Comedy
Format: DVD (Double Case) Digipack
Year: 2008
List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 15.27
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ITEM ID:#1151
Armenian Music Center has released the DVD of sensational and funniest Armenian comedy “Bari Galust" (Welcome) which has earned wild recognition. The play is addressed to all Armenians.
Label: Armenian Music Center
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Welcome ( Sound Version )
106.6 Mb
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