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AYAS Nautical Research Club

AYAS Nautical Research Club   - Creation
"AYAS" Nautical Research Club was founded in 1985. This club has built a replica of a 13th century merchant sailing ship of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, to sail via medieval maritime trade routes around Europe. There is the first time in the history of navigation, when vessels have closed (completed) the ring around Europe by water, without portage (drawing) by land (ground). "AYAS" Nautical Research Club has two main ideas- organizing Maritime Museum in Yerevan and building a replica of vessel of 13th century Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.
The sailing sport in Armenia was on relatively high level and Armenian sailors had enough high rating in the former USSR.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the general crisis of economics the sailing sport step by step degraded, as one of the sports, which need a big financial investment. Yachtsmen are doing everything to preserve something, keeping in exploit condition become-old boats, equipment, fittings. In absence of investments sailing sport in Armenia may stop its existence very soon.
"AYAS" Nautical Research Club has restored the old "Sevanian" sailing boat by the last preserved hull (which has not "survived" till nowdays), old pictures and photographs.
Taking into account the high interest towards traditional sailing boats all around the World, we suggest the building of such 10 boats and organizing an Annual International Regatta, which, in our opinion, will become traditional. With that we, firstly, will give a new life to old Sevan boats and preserve them as a type, secondary, we’ll give a possibility to yachtsmen (and not only to them) to train and take part in regattas, thirdly, taking into account that the crew of one boat consists of 7 persons, we attract new people and particularly young people, to sailing: in case of 10 boats 70 people may take part in the regatta simultaneously! Sailing will be taught to everyone who wants. Armenian disabled sailors’ crew has been in the World’s top 10 teams since 1994. But the absence of yachts and necessary pears for them arouse many difficulties for the training process.
The suggested project is a foreseen sailing sport reanimation in Armenia with minimal financial investments.
Executive organization: "AYAS" Nautical Research Club.
Karen Balayan, President of the Club +37491 430382,

Language: International
Genre: Movie
Format: DVD
Year: 2009
Price: $ 16.66
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ITEM ID:#1655
Soon AMC will present you a unique DVD "Cilicia". On this DVD is a cruise of the "AYAS" Nautical Research Club which was founded in 1985. This club built a replica of a 13th century merchant sailing ship of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, to sail via medieval maritime trade routes around Europe.
Label: Armenian Music Center
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