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Harout Pamboukjian

Harout Pamboukjian - Dance Party Mix
Harout Pamboukjian was born in 1950 in Yerevan. Due to the restrictions of Soviet Union, Harout and most of his family left Armenia and after a year in Lebanon, came to Los Angeles. Two months after his arrival here, he put together a studio band and recorded his first album "Ur Eir Astvats?" ("Where were You, God?"). Now this album is considered a classic one.
Harout has played the Rose Bowl, the Shrine and the Palladium. He interpretes songs of Robert Amirkhanyan, Arthur Meschian, Ruben Hakhverdyan and many other famous songwriters.
A year after the 1998 earthquake in Armenia, hundreds of thousands of Harout's fans (almost 100.000 people) packed Hrazdan Hamalir and Stadium to listen to their favorite singer. Later, the Minister of Culture Yuri Melik-Ohanjanyan marked that these were the highest attended performances in the history of Armenia. Today, Harout successfully cooperates with various Armenian artists from Armenia and Diaspora. The singer has already released 28 albums.
Official website:

Language: Armenian
Genre: Rabiz
Format: CD
Year: 2000
Price: $ 14.99
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ITEM ID:#381
Dance Party Mix
The famous Armenian singer Harout Pamboukchian presents his CD entitled “Dance Party Mix”. It is a rather interesting collection of songs that will touch your soul and make your mind saunter down the path of memories. The songs in this album are bright, lively and a little bit sad.
Label: Parseghian Records
No Songs In Album.

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