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Gohar  Gasparyan

People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labour, Dame Commander of Mesrop Mashtots Order, professor of Yerevan State Conservatory Gohar Gasparyan was born in December 14 1924 in an Armenian family in Cairo. She received musical education in Cairo Italian vocal studio of famous singer Eliz Feldman and renowned maestro of Italian opera Vinchencco Carro. In childhood she was singing in the church choir, in 1944-48 she was a soloist of Cairo National Radio.
During her creative work famous singer repeatedly appeared with concerts in Japan, India, England, France, Germany, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Finland, Iran, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, etc. not to mention about all republics of USSR. In her repertory are leading parties in different opera performances: "Anush", "Karine", "Don Pauskaliye", "Faust", "Traviata", "Rigoleto","Othello", "Lakme", "Norma", etc.
Well-known singer passed away on 16 May 2007. She left great musical- performing heritage: two musical films "Sings Gohar Gasparyan" and "Gohar Gasparyan", vocal performance parties of heroines in "Anush", "Karine", "Arshak 2nd" films and a big amount of discs. In 1959 was realized monograph of Al. Tadevosyan "Gohar Gasparyan", in 2007 album-collection of S. Arakelyan "Gohar Gasparyan" as well as many different publications connected with the creations of famous singer.

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In Finland Gohar’s voice was compared with Stradivarius violin,-“Gohar is a wonder from a fairly tale not heard before…Her voice is like noble Stradivarius appeared in the hands of a genius…” “Usu Sura” (Finland).
After listening Gohar everyone understood that she was not an ordinary singer. Her voice was so beautiful and powerful that could have the most difficult and unimaginable coloratura lifts. When listening to her people were taken to another world. The golden voice of the singer fascinated hearts of all music amateurs. Even nightingale got pale with envy listening to her. The listeners found themselves in a fairy tale. They suppressed breathing in honour of the singer who was the best coloratura in the world…
"When Gohar Gasparyan started singing people went mad. La Gazet” (Lebanon). More »
Ashun (Fall)

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