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Militia-the first law enforcement agency was established in July of 1918 after foundation of the First Republic of Armenia. The first minister of Interior was Aram Manukyan. The first Law on Militia was adopted on the 21st of April, 1920. History of Militia of Soviet Armenia (1920-1991) divides into three phases: implementation of the same task for ensuring of legality, protecting of public order, in the meantime, the militia solved the proposed problems in the period of these phases. After the proclamation of the independency and reclaiming the Armenian statehood, the Ministry of Interior was not only the legal but also the national agency. Ministry of Interior has been reorganized to the Police of the Republic of Armenia. The first head of Police was Haik Harutiunyan. Serious structural changes were made in system and legislative area of Police activity was formed, particularly Law on Police and Law on Police service were adopted. Alik Sargsyan was assigned as a Head of Police in May of 2008. It was necessary to make complex reforms, to rise qualitative new stages in the areas of the fight against crime and the protection of public order, to recover belief and trust of society in police. From the first day of his position Alik Sargsyan has been aiming all the conceives and initiatives to solving these main problems. ,,State Programme of Crime Prevention in the Republic of Armenia,, was processed on Police initative and adopted by the Government in 2008. To recover the belief and trust of society in Police and to take public control over the Police activity Public Council has been established, which is attached to the Police. Basic changes were made in the activities of divisions serving for society. The police interaction and the relationship with the inernational and regional legal agencies became more and more closer. Taking into consideration that society currently demands to have Police which complies with world standards, the ,,Programme of Reforms in Police Activity for 2010-2011,, was worked out by the Police in the light of the implementation of Armenia-EU European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

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