Five Outdoors Tools I Can’t Live Without

Keeping your home up-to-snuff from the outside is just as important as keeping it clean on the inside. It makes a great impression on anyone who comes to visit, and it’s sure to keep the neighbors happy as an added bonus. There are definitely tools required to get the job done though, and here are a few tools that I think are absolutely essential.

Wood Chipper

A life save both in the spring and the fall, a wood chipper makes it really easy to break down all of the debris in our yard into bite-sized pieces for the compost pile. From leaves to twigs and branches, I can now take just about anything my yard throws at me and turn it back into soil that I can use in my vegetable garden. It’s a major life upgrade two accounts. No more trips to the town dump, and free, rich soil for my plants.

Snow Blower

It might not be the first thing on your mind this time of year, but if you live in a region where the snow falls hard then you’d be remiss to live a life without a snow blower. Sure, you can do all of the shoveling by hand, but your back might have something to say about it when you’re done.

Leaf Blower

I’m really not sure why, but I was very late to the game when it comes to purchase a leaf blower. Then my new maple tree dumped seemingly thousands of helicopters on my front lawn, and there just wasn’t any other practical way I could come up with to get rid of them. So finally I caved, and I can’t believe I didn’t do so sooner. Not only am I able to clean up my yard much more quickly than I could with a rake alone, but I’m also able to actually get it cleaner because the leaf blower does such a nice job.

Lawn Mower

Maintaining a good appearance at home starts with a well-groomed lawn. That’s why a lawn mower is just one of those tools that you can’t live without. If you get one that’s self-propelled it will do a lot of the physical labor for you. Always opt for a mulching blade and a removable bag so you can dump the clipping when you’re finished. Honda makes great engines if you’re looking for a brand recommendation.

Weed Whacker

Keeping your yard landscaped has a lot more to it than simply keeping the lawn mowed. The bulk of the remaining responsibilities can usually be taken care of with a weed whacker though. Clean up any untidy areas with ease, particularly around stonework and edges. I opted for an electric model when I bought my weed whacker, and I’m very glad I did. It’s clean, quiet, and almost fun to use.