The Right Foods for You and Your Pet: How They Helped My Musical Career

When it comes to my musical career, I owe a lot to the right foods. Choosing the right foods for me and my pet helped me stay healthy and energized on stage. In this article, I want to talk about how the right foods can help you in your own pursuits – whatever they may be!

The first step is to figure out what kind of foods work best for you. For me, I need foods that are high in energy and nutritious. I also need to make sure that I’m getting enough protein, since I tend to burn through a lot of it when I’m performing. My pet, on the other hand, needs food that is high in protein and low in fat. By choosing the right foods for both of us, we’re able to stay healthy and happy – which is crucial when it comes to music.

The second step is to find sources of these foods that you can trust. For me, that means finding organic and local options whenever possible. I want to know that the food I’m eating is healthy and ethically sourced. My pet is a bit less picky, but I still make sure to get her food from reputable sources. By doing our research, we can be sure that we’re getting the best possible nutrition for our needs.

The third step is to make sure that we’re staying hydrated. This is especially important for me, since I tend to get dehydrated easily. I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and my pet always has fresh water available. Staying hydrated helps us both feel our best and perform at our best.

The final step is to enjoy the food! I know that sounds silly, but it’s important to remember that food is fuel. If we’re not enjoying what we’re eating, we’re not going to get the most out of it. I make sure to eat foods that I love, and my pet does too. By choosing the right foods and enjoying them, we’re able to live our best lives – and pursue our passions with vigor.

I hope this article has inspired you to think about the role of food in your own life. Remember, the right foods can make all the difference – so choose wisely! Thanks for reading.

Night of Music and Fun

Host your next music party and invite guests to bring their instruments. You can set up at your home or at a venue that rents out for this purpose. Many venues have small stages set up for this purpose. The stage should be easy to see and convenient to move around.

Betty Boots sign.

Concertina strings and steel wind instruments make nice instruments for music parties. The musical acts are often a mixture of national and local bands and internationally and locally touring acts. Check out Tosco Music Party, your nearest and most trusted venue, and you may see your first big band in action. Of course, today’s concerts are on-line. This is why you should go to a baroque music party instead of one without a stage.

As the name indicates, a music party is for music lovers. A former baroque concert hall, which was the wedding venue for opera singers, is perfect for a music party. The main floor is carpeted with expensive fabrics and the walls are covered with expensive decorations. The ceiling is festooned with candles. The music is piped through speakers located throughout the room.

In a music party, the first four or five musicians should play the same songs. The songs should not be very old. They could be from classical music, popular music or jazz, depending upon the tastes of the guests. The music should be performed by an ancient instrument like the lute or by a string instrument such as a violin or a cello. A modern string instrument like the electric guitar also works well.

As music-themed parties are held in homes, so they can have some decorating ideas. The guests should dress up as musicians. Their costumes may be plain or with colorful patches together with their pets. Music party signs, streamers and balloons make the music complete.

To complete the music party decorations, one has to choose the music theme, music band and the music string instruments. Among the items needed are inflatable rock star guitars, giant stuffed animals dressed in music costumes, a mini-concert hall, music party signs, streamers and balloons. One can also use the famous colors such as black, red, white, gray and green for the decorations. Another great idea is to use the famous musician’s image like David Bowie, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Cream and many others.

Decorations can be used to accentuate the stage where the performers will perform. Decorate the area with fabric wall hangings, streamers and other colorful decorations. As food and drinks are served, place the music-themed party supplies on the tables. The guests can dance to the music as the music-themed party supplies play.

Music party decorations include balloons, cutouts of famous performers and wall hangings. Cutouts of musical instruments are ideal for a kid’s party. You can also place cutouts of famous rock stars on the tables. These acts excite the kids, as well as the adults. The guests will just love seeing these cutouts when they come to your home.

For adult parties, music props can be a great alternative to the cutouts of performers. You can also have an indoor photo booth where the guests can pose for a photo with their favorite artist. These photos can later be printed on vinyl banners or placed on walls to accentuate them. Vinyl banners can be decorated with the names of the guests and the date of the event. Some companies also offer inflatable rock star guitars that the guests can play while the music is played.

To entertain the guests during a live performance, you can show the artist exactly what instrument to play and tell them to get ready before the band starts. This exciting how to play throwback party game is a great activity for children. When the band starts playing, everyone in the room will get excited just by hearing the music.

Guitar and amp.

If you want to have a more grown up version of this classic music concert, you can have a plain gut and guitar concerto. A musician will read out lyrics from a sheet of music as people clap. When the music stops and the band breaks out into a song, everyone will cheer.

If you want to add a theme to your music party, consider using a throwback music prop. You can find these music props at music stores and other party stores. Make sure you ask your guest if they have any favorite artists who they would like to have perform at your party. Make sure to inform your guests when you plan on performing specific music to ensure there are enough music supplies to go around.

Musicians Should Always Have A Backup Generator – Here’s Why


Life is simply unimaginable without music. If we have all kinds of food to sustain our bodies, we also have all kinds of music to sustain our souls.

Whether it’s pop, classical, R&B, rock, or jazz, music truly adds flavor and essence to life. What’s even greater is the fact that music is very accessible and readily available anywhere and anytime.


The official website of composer Gilbert Galindo states that “People have always found music significant in their lives, whether for enjoyment in listening, the emotional response, performing, or creating.” Truly, music is significant and useful for personal gratification and commercial purposes.

Imagine if we were all born to a world without the sound of music. We will still live and survive but the absence of music will make life dull and monochromatic.

On a personal level, music is essential in inducing emotions, stimulating the mind, sparking inspiration, exposing talent, and guiding creation. It doesn’t really matter if you love listening to music, or if you are into creating it — the impact of music on you is great and life-changing.

On the business and commercial level, music is very important in multimedia creation, brand and marketing, movie and concert production, talent performances and discoveries, and other endeavors. Without music, movies will be dull, brands will be difficult to recall, and musical performances are simply nonexistent.


If you are a musician, you are someone who is talented, creative, and resourceful. Whether you are performing for huge events, for intimate gatherings, or for informal settings, all musicians should be ready and prepared with their talent, confidence, and equipment.

What if your musical instrument and other equipment depending on electricity and the power suddenly go out? Often times, that means the end of a performance. “See you again next time.”

But if your performance is very much needed, doesn’t it make your life better if you have a backup generator?

Here are three reasons why musicians like you should always have a backup generator in case your power goes out:

1) Electricity dependency

Many musical instruments and equipment like speakers and microphones are dependent on electric power. The logic is simple: No Power, No Music.

Having a backup generator then is life-changing. You have your own power and even if the electricity in your venue suddenly fluctuates or goes out, you can still continue playing your music with smartphones and flashlights as your stunning visual effect.

2) Uninterrupted performance

You are at the peak of your musical performance and suddenly the lights go off because the power just went out. That would often mean the end of the performance, right?

But if you have a backup generator that’s connected with your equipment and ready to supply power anytime the electricity goes out, your performance will be inevitably continuous, seamless, and excellent.

3) Adding value

Won’t it just wow your crowd or audience if you remain performing amidst power outage? Not only will it impress them, but it will also make them remember and love you even more.

Five Outdoors Tools I Can’t Live Without

Keeping your home up-to-snuff from the outside is just as important as keeping it clean on the inside. It makes a great impression on anyone who comes to visit, and it’s sure to keep the neighbors happy as an added bonus. There are definitely tools required to get the job done though, and here are a few tools that I think are absolutely essential.

Wood Chipper

A life save both in the spring and the fall, a wood chipper makes it really easy to break down all of the debris in our yard into bite-sized pieces for the compost pile. From leaves to twigs and branches, I can now take just about anything my yard throws at me and turn it back into soil that I can use in my vegetable garden. It’s a major life upgrade two accounts. No more trips to the town dump, and free, rich soil for my plants.

Snow Blower

It might not be the first thing on your mind this time of year, but if you live in a region where the snow falls hard then you’d be remiss to live a life without a snow blower. Sure, you can do all of the shoveling by hand, but your back might have something to say about it when you’re done.

Leaf Blower

I’m really not sure why, but I was very late to the game when it comes to purchase a leaf blower. Then my new maple tree dumped seemingly thousands of helicopters on my front lawn, and there just wasn’t any other practical way I could come up with to get rid of them. So finally I caved, and I can’t believe I didn’t do so sooner. Not only am I able to clean up my yard much more quickly than I could with a rake alone, but I’m also able to actually get it cleaner because the leaf blower does such a nice job.

Lawn Mower

Maintaining a good appearance at home starts with a well-groomed lawn. That’s why a lawn mower is just one of those tools that you can’t live without. If you get one that’s self-propelled it will do a lot of the physical labor for you. Always opt for a mulching blade and a removable bag so you can dump the clipping when you’re finished. Honda makes great engines if you’re looking for a brand recommendation.

Weed Whacker

Keeping your yard landscaped has a lot more to it than simply keeping the lawn mowed. The bulk of the remaining responsibilities can usually be taken care of with a weed whacker though. Clean up any untidy areas with ease, particularly around stonework and edges. I opted for an electric model when I bought my weed whacker, and I’m very glad I did. It’s clean, quiet, and almost fun to use.

What I’ve Learned from A Year With Fredo

I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly consider myself a dog person. I’ve had dogs all of my life, from the day I was born my parents had a cocker spaniel named Rascal who I can remember playing with when I was very young. When Rascal passed away we actually got two more dogs, an adorable pair of dachshunds named Penny and Jasmine that still live with my parents today, even though they’re quite late in their years.

Since I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and I live on my own I felt it was time to get my own dog to keep me company. I knew it would be a bit more responsibility than I was used to because my parents always did most of the heavy lifting. I felt up for the challenge and actually quite a bit excited by it, so I went on down to the local animal shelter and started getting to know some of the pups.

It wasn’t long before one dog, in particular, made my heart melt, and next thing I knew I was driving home with my new best friend Fredo (short for Alfredo) accompanying me in the passenger seat. Fredo is a bit of a mix. So much so in fact that the shelter wasn’t even sure what breeds he’s made up of. He’s still adorable nonetheless. He was about 2 years old when I adopted him, and I’m just coming up on a year of living with him.

Over the past year or so Fredo and I have been through a lot, and even though he wasn’t an incredibly young pup when he joined my family there was still a bit of training we had to get through. I wanted to discuss some of my biggest breakthroughs in case it’s helpful for any other first-time dog owners out there.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Crate

When Fredo first came into my house we did unfortunately run into a bit of a problem with potty training. It’s embarrassing, both for him and for me, but it’s the cold hard truth. I tried a lot of things that I read on the internet to see if any of them helped, but the silver bullet seemed to be crate training. I was admittedly against crate training at the outset, as I felt it was a bit cruel to leave Fredo locked up in a cage. It turns out that if you teach a dog correctly though they’ll actually love their crates. You want it to feel like a home for them, rather than a prison, and this more or less takes the right mindset. They learn to mind their own space, and as a result they’ll even learn to mind your space better as well.

Wireless Collar Training Is Awesome

Obviously, when we’re out in public I’m required to keep Fredo on a leash, both for his safety and that of others. When we go for walks in the great outdoors however, it seems silly and unnecessary to keep him on a leash. I first stumbled upon wireless GPS trackers when I came across this guide: They have been a huge help not only in keeping Fredo from running away when off his leash but also in honing in his obedience. As an added bonus, when I take Fido up to my parent’s camp I can let him run free with my mind at ease knowing that I can always track his location. Plus, when the time comes for him to come home, I can send him a signal and he knows that treats are waiting for him.

Get Book Learn’t

If I weren’t writing this article chronologically, I’d probably put this section first because it was without a doubt the most insightful. But alas, I must stick to the plan. There’s not substitute for learning from the experience of others who have been down your path before. I was referred to a great book called Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor, and it has been so insightful in building my relationship with Fredo. In fact, I think the teachings in this book extend far beyond dog training, even so much as to teaching better practices for interacting with other humans. Even if you’re not a book reader I’d highly recommend reading this one to get your dog training game in good shape.

Anyway, those are some of my biggest takeaways from spending a year with Fredo. Hopefully they’ll help you skip some of the time I wasted and the headaches I encountered along the way. What has worked well for you and your puppy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

When Your Children Should Start Learning Music

Music is one of the most universal art forms in human existence. It’s a way of expressing yourself purely through sound – no visual assistance, no colors, no shapes, nothing. Just pure emotion through sound. It’s a bit like a language, except their aren’t any words. Just feelings.

It’s something that lives inside all of us in some respects. We may not all be musically inclined, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like music in some way. Sure, some will be full-time music fanatics, while others might like to hear their favorite songs when they are cleaning up. There’s no doubt that there’s a range to the amount of interaction music has in our everyday lives. But it flows inside of us all nonetheless.

Full disclosure: I’m not a parent, and I’m not expecting to be any time soon. This rant is more coming from the place of a musician who would have really appreciated it if they had been taught music from an earlier age. A recent intimate discussion with a close friend prompted me to at least get my thoughts down about it, so if you’re a parent of a young one I wanted to make my case as to why it’s important to expose kids to musical creativity from a young age.

When you’re raising a child, at some point it’s going to make sense to expose that child to the experience of creating music at one point or another. They may take interest to it, or they may show indifference. You never know, but it’s a gift you should at least allow a child to experiment with from a rather early age in their lives.

There are tons of instruments that are well suited for children to pick up and start playing. Xylophones and recorders are the most often given to children, and these are great ways to start. They are relatively simple to play as far as instruments go, and they are robust enough that they can be manufactured in simple forms that even the youngest of children can play with.

I’d suggest that it’s a great idea to give your child exposure to music at as young of an age as possible. You can play them music essentially as soon as they’re born, and people often find that their children take to it quite well. Obviously you’ll want to be quite selective with what you play to them, with mostly calm and soothing sounds being a safe bet when the child is particularly young.

As far as giving your child access to musical instruments, I am also a firm believer that they can be introduced as soon as possible. If a child can play with toys, why not have them play with a musical instrument? Sure, before they have developed any skills it may just sound like they’re banging around and making a bunch of noise. If you’re intolerant, you may even get frustrated with this activity. Seriously though, what’s the worst that could happen? Just make sure to get a musical instrument that is designed to be child safe – something with minimal moving parts, no sharp edges, no small parts that they could potentially try to eat and get hurt. Really the same precautions you’d take in any circumstances when you’re giving a child a toy.

What do you have to lose? You never know, your child may absolutely love music as well as creating music, and introducing it to them at a young age will allow them to grow up with a solid handle on the language of music, much like children grown up with a strong foundation of their native language.